Tuesday 14 November 2023

A Tangled Web - Ken Lussey

Brand new Contemporary novel by Ken Lussey out 15th November

Prolific Scottish based author, Ken Lussey, returns with his second contemporary set novel of the calendar year. Starring his new creation, Callum Anderson, a Metropolitan Police officer, whose life has taken a strange turn and finds himself out of familiar water in the Scottish Highlands.

Callum is investigating the mysterious death of Iain Mackay, husband to Dr. Jenny, whose disappearance was first mentioned in the first novel The High Road. Callum is getting more firmly cemented into his new surroundings and in being quite taken with Jenny as a new romantic avenue to pursue.

The first book that introduced Callum had a bit more emotional baggage to navigate as he had to overcome the end of his marriage in London and separation from his twin sons, yet we followed his navigation of finding a new lease of life and purpose in the Scottish landscapes. 

This second novel, shows our protagonist as more an investigator than a policeman, delving into the dodgy dealings of Iain before his unseemly end in a lay-by. Fans of the television series Shetland will notice and wonder how such nefarious things can follow a man around small towns.

Yet for this reader, Lussey remains a capable and prestigious talent of maintaining narrative hold of the proceedings, never wavering in terms of pace and thrust of the cut that finds our lead characters in worrying moments of peril.

Lussey again weaves in historical facts of long lost locations (Drumbeg Castle) and paints wonderful pictures of lovely landscapes Callum and Jenny encounter. At times it can feel like tourist information but Lussey writes with such a passion for the history and feel of a place it does not feel like exposition and not at all unnecessary.

Written with such a verve and intelligence that it is commendable he can write with such authority and assuredness release upon release. Another great addition to his catalogue, if not completely matching previous heights, of which he has set a very high standard though.

A Tangled Web is release from Arachnid Press on all formats from 15th November.

My thanks to them for the review opportunity.

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