Thursday, 29 September 2011

Everywhere and Nowhere DVD review

The director of Kidulthood, Menhaj Huda, returns with a self-scripted movie for Everywhere and Nowhere; the story of Ash (James Floyd) who is a young Asian and is torn between his family values of tradition and his own dreams of becoming a DJ.

The film boasts a stong cast of well known faces who will be able to garner your attention; James Buckley (Jay from the Inbetweeners), Art Malik, Simon Webbe (from boyband Blue) and the exciting young talent of Adam Deacon from the hilarious Anuvahood.

The plotline of Ash living a double life of keeping the family happy by day, whilst partying at night doing all very un-Muslim things smacks of the storyline of East is East; British Asians torn between the old world and the westernised culture they have grown up in.

The scenes of Ash and friends in the nightclub are quite authentic giving a rawness and the joie de vivre of youth thriving doing what they like; it is a shame that the same passion is not apparent in the more family dominated scenes when a cut and thrust might have been better found in a swifter edit.

The soundtrack featuring underground artists like Sukh Knight and Engine-EarZ does bounce and feed the nightclub scenes some credibility, you just wish better care and attention was given to the domesticated scenes.

But whereas Damien O'Donnell's seminal 1999 picture was made with funny bones in mind, the need to overplay the melodrama does a disservice to the work of Floyd and Deacon who are good in their roles along with the ever-reliable Malik.

Everywhere and Nowhere is released from Icon Entertainment on Monday 3rd October on DVD for £12.99 and should sell well on the coattails of Adulthood and Four Lions.

The DVD features the cast talking about personal experiences, a music feature and interviews with Huda, Floyd and Deacon.

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