Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Hotel Scarface

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Released on 25th January in paperback by Bantam Press, Roben Farzad's book tells the story of the Miami Cocaine Trade that helped inspire Brian De Palma's classic 1983 movie, Scarface which starred Al Pacino as Tony Montana.

In Miami, December 1979, you have to watch your back at the Hotel Mutiny on the Coconut Grove.  A fiery explosion of cocaine is going to blow over South Beach with bullets, blood, flash cars and immigrants fighting for a piece of the pie; amidst the political changing landscape of a new presidency under Ronald Reagan with the omnipresent shadow of Fidel Castro abounds.

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Expertly researched and featuring an abundance of interviews with those who survived the bloodbath and the mountains of drugs; it paints the picture that this was the a lifestyle of lavish debauchery, high flyers with fast cars, sailboats and sexual orgies in penthouse suites.

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Farzad has done a great job in his research and in plotting the story chronologically, making head and tail of all the characters involved would drive many a script editor mad, yet Farzad keeps the chapters short and full of incident to keep you involved with them; even when some fall by the wayside due to circumstances be it lead poisoning, overdoses or lost at sea.

For fans of true crime, crime fiction, Scarface, Wolf of Wall Street,

Hotel Scarface is out on Paperback from Bantam Press/Transworld Publishers on 25th January for £14.99RRP

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