Thursday, 31 January 2019

White Lies 'Five'

Some years ago, the band had a massive hit with single 'Fairground' and were set to break the ceiling; yet it did not happen.  That has not stopped the band writing and have created a nine-track album that is the broadest and most commercial friendly songs they may well have written; an album full of an expansive sound declaring a new territory both artistically and commercially.

It takes a bold band to have as the opening track to a highly anticipated album be a plus-seven minute track but in 'Time To Give' you get a statement of intent from White Lies, in that this is our belief that you will like this music so if they make an attention grabbing opener then they are onto a winner.

There are numerous highs in the album from 'Finish Line' to the excellent 'Tokyo' which maintains a grip on the listener as the work navigates lyrics of alienation and loneliness in this world of ever decreasing circles due to the domination of social media.

White Lies (L-R) - Jack Lawrence-Brown (drums), Harry McVeigh (lead vocals/guitar) and Charles Cave (bass/vocals)

White Lies though make a claim that you are not alone in this world, you can be loved, you can love in return and this comes to ahead with penultimate album track 'Believe It' - the lead single of the album and a song that is the earworm of the record - a hummable, toe-tapping thumper of a track that will grow beyond this album's life and be the song audiences will clamber to hear on the upcoming British tour in February by the group.

This is an album of genuine elation and joy driven by an amalgamation of electronica and guitar reminiscent of Depeche Mode married with the club nuance of Bastille and euphoric reach of Editors.

Five is out from 1st February from PIAS Recordings.
They tour Britain and Ireland through February and late March

My thanks to One Beat PR for the audio link and chance to review.

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