Monday, 4 June 2012

Payback Season

Released on Monday 4th June by Revolver Entertainment, Bafta award winning Adam Deacon fronts this London set film about a Premier League footballer whose run in with his old crew from the estate brings more heartache than joy.

Adam Deacon rose to prominence by writing and directing the film Anuvahood, a film that parodied and spoofed the swath of urban gangster youth London films; mimicking the racial stereotypes and archetypes portrayed in low budget films.

What is surprising is that he would choose to star in a film that is fit for the same parody that he made his name out of.  Deacon plays Jerome who grew up on an estate whose rise to prominence is immediate and rapid. In his busy schedule and away from his penthouse flat, he still visits his mum and younger brother from the estate.  One night he bumps into his old crew and invites them to enjoy the pleasures of a lavish night out thanks to his new found riches.

Jerome is approached by Baron (David Ajala) who has cash flow problems, Jerome should walk away here but his misplaced service of loyalty and trust leads him to giving Baron £10,000 - an act of trust yet leads to tragic events as Baron's psychotic side reveals itself endangering the safety of Jerome himself and his friends.

The film could have been so much better had it attempted to make a social comment on urban youth's descent into trouble and anti-social behaviour, and how Jerome as a model of inspiration instead he is someone who enables those with no ambition but to cause trouble.

Deacon is a good actor, but this was the wrong vehicle for him to be a lead as he does not convince as a top rate footballer.  Ajala as Baron does convince bringing enough menace and fear to an unsettling character, who is rendered effectively.

Revolver Entertainment specialise in these sort of urban dramas - luckily they have a winning film forthcoming this week, as Plan B's (Ben Drew) directorial debut ill Manors is out this week having seen a preview of that particular film that is a significant improvement on this offering; with some brilliant sense of direction, political statement and inventive photography.

Payback Season is out now on DVD

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