Thursday, 19 July 2012

Revenge of the Electric Car

Revenge Of The Electric Car chronicles the greatest shift in technology in automobile history and rolls onto DVD and VOD on 6 August 2012, following its theatrical release on 20 July 2012, courtesy of Dogwoof.   

 In 2006 major car companies destroyed thousands of electric cars that they had created, now they believe, it is time for the second coming.  Director Chris Paine (Who Killed The Electric Car? (2008)), takes us behind the scenes of the companies that are in the race for the resurgence of the electric car. We go behind the closed doors of major car manufacturers Nissan, GM, and Tesla Motors, as well as independent car converters, following the development from concept through to working vehicle, the financial problems, successes and failures to see who will launch the first and best electric car that will win over the public.

Whilst the documentary is politically charged in this austerity age - making drivers aware of financial pitfalls whilst the manufactureres struggle to compete with foreign carmakers.  Although Paine has been granted exclusive insider access of the Big 3; you get the sense that the privilege of this behind-the-scenes footage has somewhat softened his approach and message he wanted to convey.

Instead of attacking an executive who chases the techie touch in all his car, you get a sense of blandness that goes into creating a living and breathing technical marvel.  However some characters do attempt to punch out, such as Tesla founder, Elon Musk a fresh faced millionaire from his other company PayPal, and French Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn.

Narrated by Tim Robbins and with appearances from Danny DeVito and Jon Favreau, this fascinating film follows the drama and excitement to find out who will win the race to create the ultimate electric car.

Revenge of the Electric Car is out from Dogwoof on Friday 20th July on limited release.

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