Thursday, 27 November 2014


Kissing as if no-one is watching
having your picture taken by a stranger
Walking in a straight line
straight to you
while you bump into anything that moves.
Wiping water away from your eyes
is it sweat or sun tan lotion melting
Riding the Bakerloo or Central
at Tottenham Court Road
on a Monday night
just like any other night to some
to those who take this step everyday
to the drunk who sleeps on the step
you step over

Dancing with your iPod to the sound
while you tip toe avoiding the lines
every step could be your last
every step could be your first
The first for the rest of your life
the life that doesnt have a course
My course is following the red line
on a Monday night

Its 23:05
55 minutes to tomorrow
55 left of today
Can you still make a first impression
or should you put it to bed
Gonna go to sleep tomorrow
and wake up in the same day
No drawing board
to go back to
I know what must be done
just like any Tuesday morning
but for now its still Monday night.

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