Friday, 16 June 2017

Rips 'Rips' - Album review

Rips <br><em>Rips</em>

Released on Friday 16th June by Faux Discx, the debut self-titled album from New York City, also release their new single Losing II which is a great introduction into the band's sound. The Brooklyn based Rips have a sound that is very much one of their own, however it is reminiscent of two eras of NYC rock.

From the pouting pomp of 1970s rock from the New York Dolls or Television with driving basslines, it also encompasses the early 2000 era of Interpol and The Strokes; hooks that will stay with you.

The album has 11 buzzing tracks of guitar rock that is full of rhythm and passion, think of it as an album that is bearing out a path to the future but not afraid to show the gratitude to the past.

One minor tripe would be that two songs - Track 2 Malibu Entropy and Track 8 Vs - both have a similar sounding bassline.  Perhaps the inclusion of both was a bit unnecessary and flounders this reviewer's overall thoughts of the album due to a sequencing oversight.

Rips is available from Faux Discx on their website for £8.00
Follow the band on their website

My thanks to One Beat PR for the review opportunity

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