Wednesday, 13 December 2017

M Craft, 'Blood Moon Deconstructed'

After you have a well-received album, you think you may well rest on your laurels, yet Martin Craft wanted to self-analyse and re-assess his album into something a bit different and more imaginative.  Whilst the first album had sumptuous harmonies in unison with heavenly melodies; the deconstructed version is a plethora of atmospheric soundscapes from a cinematic vision of psychedelic science fiction.

Dreamscapes and soundscapes are in abundance because he the album has been stripped back to the new compositions of piano improvisations and electronic combinations.

M. Craft says himself, 'I hope this is filmic, somewhat ambient, daydream' and that it surely is when you witness the video for 'Adorn Me'. For people who are fans of those classic soundtracks such as Lost in Translation or the collected works of Philip Glass; this will be an album that will fill you with great pleasure and joy.

Blood Moon Deconstructed is released from Heavenly Recordings on Friday 15th December

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