Monday, 8 April 2019

Club Night 'What Life'

Oakland, California four-piece create an indie rock soundscape for today from Tiny Engines record label

Comprising of drummer Josiah Majetich, bassist Devin Trainer, guitarist Ian Tatum and guitarist/vocalist Josh Bertram; this band formed in 2016 and following the EP release in 2017 of Hell Ya, they return with their full-length album debut from Tiny Engines.

The band are all veterans of the punk rock scene in California; and there four distinct influences collide to create this unusual sonic soundscape that is both bold and uncompromising.

A collection of synths and beats rain down from the beginning in 'Path' and this continues with track 3, 'Mute' and track 5, 'Trance' which were both the lead singles. Featuring Bertram's soaring vocals these are songs that are ambitious, contangious and infectious.

Fuzzy guitars and synth melodies are married to create the songs that will make a change to the everyday; a cry to be heard by new fans. An elemental cacophony of beautiful collisions.

There is a sophistication to this music that is more polished than other bands of recent years. Another stellar addition to the Tiny Engines canon.

Club Night is out now from Tiny Engines
My thanks to Tiny Engines for the review link opportunity.

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