Tuesday, 18 October 2011

NFL - Week 7 picks

Byes this week belong to: Bills, Bengals, Patriots, Giants, Eagles, 49ers

The picks:
Chargers @ Jets - the Jets all of a sudden have a roll, they are at home against the Chargers who hate travelling; but have had two weeks prep so dont be surprised if Rivers turns up. But the Jets defense is waking up

Bears @ Bucs - okay not necessarily a home game for Tampa, but they are spending all week in London. Chicago dont turn up until Thursday.  The Bucs are bouncing around after beating the Saints and will continue.

Redskins @ Panthers - Cam Newton is still playing well and the Redskins are who we thought they would be.

Falcons @ Lions - big test for these Lions, if the Falcons can control the clock with Turner expect a road win here and the Lions have lost Best now.

Seahawks @ Browns - two awful teams, but go with the home field advantage.

Broncos @ Dolphins - Tim Tebow returns to Florida, he leaves with a W

Texans @ Titans - the Texans have to win this win to get back on the rails, Foster is back and will go big.

Chiefs @ Raiders - the Raiders are rolling; with ground and pound.

Steelers @ Cardinals - expect a professional display from the Steelers here, in a tough road trip.

Packers @ Vikings - how easy is Green Bay's schedule, and they are the champions.

Rams @ Cowboys - I want to see the Cowboys get angry, they should be 4-1 instead they are 2-3 and I pity the poor Rams for turning up, even with a break. They will wish you can have a 2 week bye week.

Colts @ Saints - the Saints lost a tough divisional match-up, like the Patriots did to the Bills (on the road), they are meant to lose. They are not meant to lose to the Colts.

Ravens @ Jaguars (MNF) - Ravens are quietly doing the business under the radar.

Week 6 picks - How did i do???
49ers @ LIONS -          25-19 : No handshake for me here
Rams @ PACKERS -    3-24 : Easy peasy
Panthers @ FALCONS - 17-31 : down day turned up
Colts @ BENGALS - 17-27 : the defence turned up for Bengals
Bills @ GIANTS - 24-27 : Giants bounce back
Jags @ STEELERS - 13-17 : Tighter than expected
Eagles @ REDSKINS - 20-13 : Grossman is bad
Texans @ RAVENS - 14-29 : Under the radar indeed
Browns @ RAIDERS - 17-24 : McFadden doing the business
Cowboys @ PATRIOTS - 16-20 : Give Brady two final minutes he'll give you the win
SAINTS @ Bucs - 20-26 : Big statement for the Bucs
Vikings @ BEARS - 10-39 : Damn the Vikings are bad
Dolphins @ JETS - 6-24 : The defence is here

Week 6: 10/13
Combined: 19/26

If you are going to Wembley Stadium this Sunday, enjoy the game and make sure you wear the colours of your team.  This is the 5th year (i've been every year) and it remains a great day out.  I expect points on Sunday as you have two offensive minded teams and if the weather holds and the turf does not cut up then expect a lot of things on the ground and through the air.  Although I am taking the Bucs, wouldn't it be great to see Devin Hester score a punt or kick-off return on the hallowed turf.  I expect him to run each time, so do not leave your seats when Tampa punts.

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