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The Thing (2011) Preview

The trailer is live, the website is live, someThing is alive.  Already out in America and doing big business, the prequel of The Thing (a prequel with the same title I hear you ask) is scheduled to open on December 2nd in the UK.

The Thing

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The directorial feature debut of Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim), Joel Edgerton (Fighter) and Ulrich Thomsen (In A Better World) - the trailer show us young graduate Kate Lloyd (Winstead) being transported to an Antartic research base where they have made a startling and frightening discovery of a specimen in the ice.

Choosing to go against protocol Dr. Sandor Halvorson (Thomsen) decides to break into the ice and yet it thaw out to do more tests, unbeknown to them all they have released an alien lifeform loose in the base with the ability to copy the DNA of a person it attacks, meaning there are deadly doppelgangers in the base and this Thing (because they are not sure what it is exactly) is killing them off one by one.

Still of Ulrich Thomsen and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in The Thing

Winstead promises to be the last girl, although just a graduate she seems a lot smarter than the scientists and experts at the base; Edgerton, as Sam Carter, is the eye candy and strongest support and also a recognisable face now that he has had added exposure in the critically acclaimed and commerically successful Fighter.  Thomsen is acknowleged as a key figure in the Dogme movement providing a sterling lead performance in Thomas Vinterberg's Festen (1997), and Hollywood returns to the expert scientist being foriegn with the rationale coming from American brains, hence Kate's role at the base.

The film is as much a remake of John Carpenter's classic 1982 film starring Kurt Russell, following a similar plot and narrative.  Unknown being identified in the ice of Antartica, the researchers decide to explore and only serve to bring horror and chaos to the base by setting free an alien lifeform hellbent on destruction and devouring human beings.

This version; call it a sequel/prequel or remake promises thrills and spills combined with brilliant CGI monsters; employing typical genre conventions of horror and slasher films with Kate becoming our last girl, the trailer promises a film that will entertain and add to the Thing canon with it now being the third version following on from Howard Hawks' 1950s The Thing from Another Planet, with Carpenter's 80s version itself being a remake of that particular film.
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