Thursday, 27 October 2011

NFL - Week 8 Picks

Well, week 7 was a bit of a mad week.  The Jets came back from the dead; the Bucs and Bears put on a show in Wembley stadium; the Colts laid down on Sunday night and the Ravens did themselves no favours - best team in AFC, please, you have to be able to win at the Jaguars, who were up for it no doubt.

This week, the teams with the byes are: Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay, Oakland, NY Jets and Tampa Bay

But what about this week; some boring matchups and one sided looking contests:
Cardinals @ Ravens - a very short week for the Ravens, but have to bounce back with a win at home to the feeble Cardinals.

Vikings @ Panthers - a battle of rookie QBs but the more established name of Newton will be too much of a force for Ponder and his Vikings.

Jaguars @ Texans - a great win fror the Jags, but the Texans have an amazing player in Arian Foster and homefield is the key in this division tussle

Dolphins @ Giants - the Giants will want to cement their supremacy atop the NFC East, the Dolphins should be 1-6, instead they are searching for a win.

Saints @ Rams - the schedule has been awful for the depleted Rams, and the Saints are back to form following a 62 point smash on the sorry Colts

Colts @ Titans - the Titans were shameful against the Texans, but if Hasselbeck can control the ball then a win for Tennessee here

Lions @ Broncos - because of Tebow this is closer to call and the Lions are lacking confidence after two straight losses;they have to find another dimension following the injury to Jahvid Best

Redskins @ Bills - the Bills are fresh off of a bye, expect them to put up some big numbers.

Bengals @ Seahawks - a solid defensive display from Cincy here for the W

Browns @ 49ers - San Fran are off a bye and fresh so good to go.

Patriots @ Steelers - last season i picked against my boys and they put on one of their best displays of the season, no way I am doing the same mistake again.

Cowboys @ Eagles - no way Murray can have as big a game as he did last week, Andy Reid has never lost a game following a bye (11-0) big game, home win

Chargers @ Chiefs - San Diego have to close out games, although the Chiefs have seemed to turn a corner.  Closest game of the MNF season.

And how did I do last week:

Chargers @ Jets - 21-27 - I called it right though they left it late.
Bears @ Bucs - 24-18 - Josh Freeman needs to grow up
Redskins @ Panthers - 20-33 - Cam Newton continues to impress
Falcons @ Lions - 23-16 - No Best, no chance
Seahawks @ Browns - 3-6 - Worst game of the season
Broncos @ Dolphins - 18 -15(OT) "Tim Tebow returns to Florida, he leaves with a W"direct quote!!
Texans @ Titans - 41-7 - Embarassing display from the Titans. At home. After a bye.
Chiefs @ Raiders - 28-0 - I bet a lot of people called this wrong
Steelers @ Cardinals - 32-20 - Pittsburgh get the job done
Packers @ Vikings - 33-27 - Christian Ponder asked the most questions of the Pack since the Saints
Rams @ Cowboys - 7-34 - Huge rushing performance from Murray
Colts @ Saints - 7-62 - And I had the Colts to cover the 54 point difference
Ravens @ Jaguars (MNF) - 7-12 - Another awful performance in a weekend of bad football from Ravens

Week 7: 10-13
Total: 29-39

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