Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Sky At Night

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The sky at night
Looks like it will never see the day.
The long night ahead of it
Looks like it will never end
Scary to be amongst it
Scary to see it so.
The sky is dark above us.
But blue when the light shows
Rain falling downwards
Every direction it can
Can I muster the courage
To get out of it in one piece
No end in sight
When will it end
Do we have to ride it out
Ride out the scary night
Could be in a tent
Could be on our knees
Changing a tyre in the hard shoulder
While my shoulder gives out one me
Need one to cry on
I cannot find the strength
As the rain falls harder and harder
Soaked through, home is a thought
At the end of the road
A road that flashes behind me
As my speed knows no limit
Scary is the night
Lights and sights all around
The sky looks like it might fall
What will today have in store?

Image result for rainy sky at night images

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