Thursday, 29 March 2018

Frankie Cosmos 'Vessel'

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Frankie Cosmos release Vessel on Sub Pop Records on March 30th.

New Yorker four piece is an 18-track opus which serves as a benchmark in the distinctive songwriting of Greta Kline who along with bandmates David Maine (bass/vocals), Lauren Martin (keyboards/vocals) and Luke Pyenson (drums) bring new sensibility to the band.

The album has a real energy running throughout, from the upbeat perkiness of 'Caramelize' to the anger of 'Apathy' to the new single 'Jesse' which is a bit more forlorn but nevertheless engaging.

The album is indicative of the world at the moment and similar to other American offerings of recent months, an uncertainty of their place in the world coupled with a need to find a belonging in this dominant social-media age.

Full of summery hooks and catchy lyrics, there is a real kinship with the music that embraces a relationship between performer and listener - that is far more satisfying than some music that tries too hard.

Whilst Ezra Furman spoke with anger in his music, Frankie Cosmos showcase a lightness of indie-pop across the album that makes you smile and is in fact quite charming.  There are moments of real triumph such as the album opener, they will leave you humming and despite the 18 tracks, the short running time means it does not overstay its welcome.

Vessel is out from Sub-Pop Records on March 20th.

Watch Frankie Cosmos live on Pitchfork TV at 6.00pm GMT

The band can be followed on Twitter @frankiecosmos

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