Monday, 5 March 2018

Margaret Glaspy 'Born Yesterday' EP

Margaret Glaspy returns with the surprise release of new EP, Born Yesterday, debuting 'Before We Were Together'.

The lead track is a gritty love song that goes hand in hand with the three songs she has released on the EP, the song has a slow build but then becomes a good rock and roll song in the similar vein to Anna Burch of recent releases:

“I wrote these songs on the road, in my hotel, on the plane, and at soundcheck,” says Glaspy. “They were the product of the little time that I had to myself - three songs about different sides of love: love gone wrong, love gone right, and love at a distance.”

The EP is a bookend to Margaret's lauded debut, Emotions and Math which featured on various End of Year lists when released in 2016. 

Born Yesterday is available digitally everywhere and the 12" will be available for pre-order (31st May, 2018)

Born Yesterday Track List
1 - Before We Were Together
2- One Heart and Two Arms
3- I Love You Goodnight

Margaret Glaspy is signed to ATO records.
Follow Margaret on twitter @mglaspy

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