Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Homesman - Preview

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Tommy Lee Jones, one of the finest and most consistent actors in America, returns to the screen but also goes back behind the camera for his sophomore effort, The Homesman, following the critical success of The Three Burials of Melquaides Estrada.

Entertainment One released the trailer for the film this morning (7th August) before the scheduled 21st November release.

The film stars Jones as George Briggs, a man about to hang himself when he is saved by the independent Mary Bee Cuddy, portrayed by Hilary Swank.  For saving his life, Cuddy convinces Briggs to help her escort three crazy women across country. Set in the American West of the 1850s, this is a western film based on the synonymous novel by Glendon Swarthout.

The trailer shows us plenty of action and gives us glimpses of other fine talent in the film including John Lithgow, Tim Blake Nelson and Meryl Streep.  Tellingly, we do not get much of a look of the three troubled women, although they appear to be played by unknown actresses.  The trailer concentrates on the dynamic relationship between Briggs and Cuddy, with Swank ending the clip on the upbeat note, 'We make a good team you and me'.

In cinematic terms, the film carries the same sinister and underlying darkness that was in Jones' directorial debut; and yet the pictures harken back to a time of late era Sam Peckinpah and Don Siegel.  We can be assured though that the acting will be first rate.

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