Saturday, 27 May 2017

Beach Fossils 'Somersault'

The long awaited return of Brooklyn's own Beach Fossils, culminates with the release of Somersault. An album that is their first material since 2013's Clash The Truth and showcases a band that is growing in maturity and refined songwriting together.

The album is a combination of different recordings across New York City and Los Angeles, meaning the tracklisting is a reading of a band both growing but being influenced by their surroundings during the making of the album

Starting with the up tempo stomp of 'This Year', the next song is second single 'Tangerine' (feat. Rachel Goswell) a sumptuous bit of summer that is great to hear as the days get longer and hotter in June. They remind this listener of Foster The People without the grandiose nature of the production, Somersault is more stripped back and open a record.

Throughout the album there is a sense of feel good and summer, but also this overwhelming burden of growing up and how the influences of youth can impact these musicians; a reflection of hopefully being together appears in 'Down the Line' and the pay off is the symphonic splendour of 'Be Nothing'.

Beach Fossils are a band new to my ears, yet this is an album which is at times brilliant and splendid in equal measure. They appear to be a band who are trying to break out by achieving songs that are both universal and yet very personal to themselves at the same time, without negating their electronic and smaller beginnings. This is a great background album for a barbecue on the patio or rooftop as the shimmering compositions will accompany a warm laidback evening.

Somersault is released on June 2nd by Bayonet Records.

My thanks to One Beat PR for the review disc.

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