Friday, 26 May 2017

Pega Monstro 'Casa de Cima'

Review: On third album Casa de Cima, Portuguese sisters Pega Monstro push their production further, sanding off their rough edges

Released on June 2nd by Upset the Rhythm, Pega Monstro return with their 3rd album 'Casa de Cima'. The band are a sister two piece from Lisbon, Portugal; Julia Reis (drums) and Maria Reis (guitar) who sing together throughout the album.

They album shares a name with the villa where the majority of the album was recorded, and reflects perhaps the confidence the two sisters are gaining in their musicianship to work secluded and create an album of such vibrancy and effervescence.

Two piece bands have been very much a part of the music landscape for most of the 21st century starting with the White Stripes to the Ting Tings to Royal Blood and Japandroids; yet whilst we have had married then divorced duos can you recall a sisterly union literally breaking out.

Pega Monstro - Sisters in Arms (Julia and Maria Reis)

The sisters have a real grasp on fusing rock and punk together suiting the Portugese lyrics and harmonies that come washing from the stereo. From the mystical water urn that adorns the album cover to the mystery of the lyrics, this is an album full of strong enigmatic quality resonating throughout the record. Listen to their new single: 'Partir a Loica' and be amazed

Full of boisterous intent and riffs that grab your attention refusing to let go until the conclusion, the album is one that this reviewer will not forget for a long time.

Casa de Cima translates as Upper House, and perhaps Pega Monstro is ready to breakout into the upper echelons of European music with rock music that is both universal and satisfying.

Casa de Cima is released from Upset the Rhythm on 2nd June.
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